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Counseling Center & College Counseling

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center seeks in every way possible to be a source of help to the whole DeMatha family – students, teachers and parents. Its role is to act as facilitator in the process of education, taking into account the multi-dimensional nature of both the learning and the teaching process.

The ultimate goal of the Counseling Center is to help the student overcome any obstacle that might interfere with his successful education at DeMatha and to prepare him to feel secure about his goals and plans for his post-secondary pursuits.

DeMatha Counselors offer the following types of Counseling:

  • Academic
  • Educational and Career Planning
  • Personal
  • Standardized testing and Interpretation of Results

Students and parents are encouraged to contact counselors at any time during the school day. Counselors will work with students to develop academic schedules, assist in handling academic or personal challenges, evaluate interests and goals, help with adjustments to school life, and plan for post-secondary education.

The Counseling Center also maintains all student records and official transcripts.

Counseling Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
Counseling Center FAX: 240.764.2276


The college application and admissions process can be a complicated and challenging exercise for students and parents.



At DeMatha, the College Counselor prepares each student to undertake this task by helping him to identify his choices, informing him about college visits and scholarship opportunities, and assisting him in the preparation of applications.

The College Counselor holds parent meetings over the course of the year about college selection, financing and other college related concerns. Students and parents are encouraged to meet with the College Counselor in late junior and early senior year to begin this process.

These college information pages are designed to provide parents and students with some of the necessary resources and information needed during the college selection process. The ultimate goal is to match each student's interests and talents with the most appropriate institution so that he will be happy and successful, fulfilling his potential for growth. Each student is encouraged to use his Naviance account as a research and planning tool in the college application process.

For College Board testing, DeMatha's school code is 210660.


Meet The Counseling Center Staff

Maureen Ritz

Maureen Ritz

Counselor for Class of 2027, Director of the Counseling Center
Andrew Bright

Andrew Bright

Class of 2003
Senior College Counselor, Director of College Counseling
Sarah Stockton

Sarah Stockton

Counselor for Class of 2025, Enrollment Team Manager, DMLI and Eastman Fund Coordinator
Theodore Garrett

Theodore Garrett

Class of 2007
Counselor for Class of 2026
Jordan Sharps

Jordan Sharps

Class of 2015
Associate Director of College Counseling
Joshua Mendizabal

Joshua Mendizabal

Class of 2012