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Clubs & Organizations

DeMatha offers a variety of co-curricular activities to appeal to the interests and abilities of a wide range of students.

They include varsity, junior varsity, freshmen and intramural athletics, service organizations, student publications, special interest clubs, student government, National Honor Society and elective bands and choral ensembles. DeMatha responds to the requests of students to develop clubs to pursue their interests.

Club Moderator Student Contact Email Moderator
A Capella DeMatha Mr. Turk Daman Decker
Academic Quiz Bowl Mr. Hager / Mr. Twigg Ian Parsons & Stephen McDonald;
Anime Club Mr. Twigg Christian Minatti & Nigel Abner
Art Club Mr. Holsey / Mr. House Yaphet Negussie & Daniel House;
Asian American Club Mr. Sharps Maximo Legapi _
Aviation Club Mr. Conermann Cameron Tucker
Best Buddies Club Mr. April Christopher Czado, Matthew Ritter, Sam Cockrell
Black Student Union (BSU) Mr. Ayala Corey Shahmoradi & Michael Celestine
Chess Club Mr. Twigg River Robinson & Anthony Bardonille & Christian Minatti
DeMatha Players Mr. Rafferty
DeMatha Latino Community Mr. Hoke Steven Ramirez
Dungeons and Dragons Mr. Rafferty Paul Cruz
Ecology Club Mrs. Stockton Jayson Ross
Film Club Mr. Sharps Maximo Legaspi & Kimble Walls-Kaufman
Fishing Club Mr. Travers Michael Manley
Investment Club Mr. Sicko Eddie Cimerman
Mock Trial Mr. Sicko / Mr. McConnell Patton Jeffords & Owen Kramer
Music Production Club Mr. Garrett Ian Parsons
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Mr. Blorstad Aidan Ankrah
Photography Club Mr. Travers Riley Mitchell
Ping Pong Mr. Holsey Jonathan Badoo & Elijah Afagyuui
Robotics Club Mr. Blorstad Aidan Ankrah
Social Justice Club Mr. Luke Lama Joshua Simmons
Sports Debate Club Mr. Hoke Andrew Bing, Jacques Kearns
Video Game Club Mr. Twigg Andrew Bing