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Clubs & Organizations

DeMatha offers a variety of co-curricular activities to appeal to the interests and abilities of a wide range of students.

They include varsity, junior varsity, freshmen and intramural athletics, service organizations, student publications, special interest clubs, student government, National Honor Society and elective bands and choral ensembles. DeMatha responds to the requests of students to develop clubs to pursue their interests.

Please see the Daily Bulletin for information on club meeting days and locations.

Club/Activity Moderator(s)

Academic Quiz Bowl

Mr. Lattanzi
Automotive Enthusiast Club Mrs. Landersman
Ecology Club Mr. Hager and Mrs. Stockton
Anime Club Mr. Ayala
Art Club Mr. Holsey
Big Brothers/DMLI Mrs. Stockton
Black Student Union Mr. Holsey, Mr. Ayala and Mr. Garrett
Chess Club Mr. Carroll and Mr. Twigg
Conservative Club Mr. Raymond
The Crank Box (DJ) Mr. Austin
DeMatha Latino Community Ms. Galan
DeMatha Players Mr. Rafferty
Dungeon and Dragons Club Mr. Connermann
Film Club Mr. Houst and Mr. Travers
Jazz Ensemble Mr. Roper
Jazz Lab Mr. Castrillon
Mock Trial Mr. McConnell
Music Production Mr. Eck
National Honor Society Mr. Davies and Mrs. McGrath
National Society of Black Engineers Mr. Blorstad

Pep Band


Mr. Bickel


Ping Pong/Table Tennis Club

Mr. Holsey


Pro Life Club  Bro. Josh and Mrs. Bright
Robotics Club Mr. Blorstad
Science Scholars Mr. Reeves
Spike Ball  Mr. Reeves
Sports Broadcasters Mr. Revkin

Students Against Destruction Decisions (SADD)


Mrs. Murphy
Student Government Association (SGA) Mr. Gardiner
The Society of Christian Gentlemen Bro. Josh and Mr. Gazaille
The Stagline (school newspaper) Mr. Carroll
Video Game Club Mr. Connermann