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Campus Ministry Office


The Campus Ministry Office serves as the spiritual center of the school.

The service program, retreat program and liturgies are run out of this office by the two campus ministers, Mrs. Erin Bright (service) and Fr. Josh Warshak (retreats and liturgies).

Students are required to attend their yearly, grade level retreat. Each retreat centers on a different theme, and is a tremendous opportunity for the students to develop their faith, as well as to spend time bonding as a class. The Freshman Retreat is held at the very beginning of the year, the Sophomore Retreat is held in the spring, the Junior Retreats are small groups and are held throughout the year. The Senior Retreat is a two-day, overnight experience titled "To Be a Christian Man in the World" and is held near the end of November.

Liturgies are throughout the school year, to commemorate major events (beginning of the year, end of the year, St. John DeMatha) and Catholic holy days of obligation. This is a wonderful time for the students to gather as a school community around the purpose for our school, raising believers in Jesus Christ.

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