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Veracross Information

Welcome to Veracross and your Parent Portal!

Veracross is a comprehensive school information management system that will enable you to effectively monitor your child's education and activities. Each parent is provided an account to access various parts of student life. For specific questions about schedules, please contact your son's counselor. For grade concerns, it is best to contact the subject teacher.

New parents will have access to the Parent Portal after August 1st of each year. Parents should use the same credentials as the Admissions Portal. If you have just registered at DeMatha, please allow 2 business days for your account to be activated.

Veracross Parent Portal


If you have any other account related concerns, please contact the IT Department by email (no phone calls please) at Please be sure to indicate your name, your son's name, and any error messages you have received.

FAQs about Veracross

1.) I forgot my Username and/or Password.

If you click on the setup link in your Welcome email and are taken to a page that assumes you already have a password, but you have not set one, please click here and the system will send you an email with a link to setup your account.

2.) I keep Getting Multiple Account Errors

If you get an error indicating that multiple users have the same email address please submit an alternate for you or your spouse to and you will get an response within 48 hours with an account update confirmation message.

3.) What Features of Veracross Are Used at DeMatha?

DeMatha currently uses Veracross to publish schedules, progress grades, and report cards. Attendance and certain behavior records are also available for viewing through the portal. Enrollment for transportation and summer programs is also processed through this site. Please contact the subject teacher regarding how they post grades and communicate with parents and students through Veracross.

4.) Why Can't I See Sign-Up Links For Re-Enrollment and Course Requests?

Veracross used role-based permissions to determine access to various parts of the website. Re-enrollment can only be performed with a parent account. Course requests can only be entered through a student account.

5.) How Do I Sign Up To Get Email Notifications From The School?

Veracross automatically uses the primary email address on file to send notifications. If you want to receive communications at a different address then you will need to login to Veracross and update your profile to reflect the new address. It is not possible at this time to automatically send to secondary email addresses.

6.) How Do I Update Information About My Family? (Address Change, Email Update, Emergency Contacts)

Please attempt to use Veracross before contacting the school. This ensures both accuracy and efficiency. After logging in to Veracross, click the "My Family" link along the top menu. Some fields are set to read-only and you will need to contact the main office. Please note that address changes and other major updates require approval before they will be reflected on the website. Please be patient as these changes may take up to a week to be approved. In the event the school has questions regarding a change request, you will be contacted via phone or email.

We are aware that many emails to AOL users are currently not being delivered. This is due to AOL rejecting them. To ensure you are receiving messages it is recommended that you change your email address in Veracross to a non-AOL account. You can do this using the following steps:

1. Login to Veracross

2. Click on the "My Family" link on the top banner of the page

3. Click "My Personal Contact Information"

4. Click "Edit" under the person you wish to update

5. Enter a new email address

6. Click "Save"

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