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Campus Safety

The safety of our students, faculty and staff continue to be a major concern for the governing Boards of DeMatha and the school Administration. Throughout the years DeMatha has conducted drills for all emergencies, and it appears that we are well-prepared for any situation. This will continue on a regular basis. To this date, we have been blessed that our safety has not been compromised, but we must continue to be vigilant to safeguard all who are on our campus daily.

Included in the Student Handbook are guidelines which will be activated by school personnel for a particular emergency. Since no situation is identical in different settings, we believe that there could be on-the-spot alterations of the plan by faculty and staff, if it seems safer for those involved to protect life. We ask parents to be familiar with all of the activities that DeMatha employs in a proactive manner, and we also ask for all parents to be familiar with the procedures and plans should an actual emergency occur on campus.

Security Updates

Effective January 14, 2019, we have installed a gate on the North side of the Convocation Center to encourage pedestrian traffic to come up Madison Street. Additionally, we will have the external doors to our buildings locked except during the change of class. Entry instructions are posted at all entrances. Visitors to campus will buzz the office, identify yourself, and then be permitted to enter.

CrisisGo - Parent Instructions

CrisisGo is a complete solution for emergency management and preparedness. We have adopted this app as our emergency notification system. The CrisisGo app can easily be downloaded from the App Store/Play Store. This system is not the same as Veracross and requires your action. For your convenience, a complete flyer with instructions to sign-up will be available on the Parent Portal of Veracross. Students will be notified independently by email regarding their own safety app called Safe2SpeakUp.  That app requires students register their cell phone number to receive text messages for alert purposes.