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End of Year Schedule Through June 5
End of Year Schedule Through June 5

FOR CURRENT STUDENTS/FAMILIES: The school and offices will remain closed through Friday, June 5.

For the next few weeks, DeMatha will be on a 4-day cycle with a "gap day" for grading, preparation, make-up work and the like.

Senior teachers can work with students up through May 15 which will be the Senior's last official day of classes.

AP Students: At the discretion of the teacher, AP classes, including those with seniors, will meet until the AP exam is taken, even if that exam takes place during the week of May 18- May 22

The following schedule will be in place through June 5.


Monday, May 18 H-day

Tuesday, May 19 Gap

Wednesday, May 20 A-day

Thursday, May 21 B-day

Friday, May 22 C-day


Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 26 D-day

Wednesday, May 27 Gap

Thursday, May 28 E-day

Friday, May 29 F-day


Monday, June 1 G-day

Tuesday, June 2 H-day Last Day

Wednesday, June 3 Senior Awards Ceremony

Friday, June 5 Graduation

Students may use the Tech Hub to ask technology questions here:!forum/tech-hub, 10 AM - 2 PM, Monday - Friday, except on Gap days. Tech Hub is NOT available on Gap days.