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Message From The President
Message From The President
Dear DeMatha Family,

During these trying times, I wanted to take a few moments and connect with everyone who makes DeMatha so special.

We were able to livestream a mass from our chapel for the Feast of the Annunciation and I hope it was a much needed oasis in the midst of all the overwhelming news which is non-stop and rapidly changing.

In my homily, I asked that all DeMatha Stags and DeMatha families reach out to each other, so that no one feels isolated or disconnected. I know that many faculty and staff are already doing this with our students, as the Administration has received commendations from many families about the generosity of our faculty for all that they supply their sons--not just academic information, but personal support and interest.

I also asked that we do our best to be people of hope during this unprecedented crisis. Three of the words that were dominant in the Gospel of the Feast of the Annunciation are: Be Not Afraid. These are words spoken to the Virgin Mary 2000 years ago, and they are words spoken to us today by Jesus. it is so easy for us to succumb to the constant fear and worry that many media outlets are offering. Clearly, we must be careful and prepared, but we also know that we are not drifting along life with no anchor of faith in our daily lives.

Please continue to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, and please reach out to each other. We are never sure how people react to this mandate to stay at home, social distancing, financial repercussions. We can only be sure that no one is sitting at home wondering and worrying ----- and doing it all alone.

It seems that the schools in the state of Maryland will reopen on Monday, April 27. I am looking forward to seeing our faculty, staff and our students at that time, unless there is an unexpected change announced by the Governor. The administration and faculty are continuing work on academic preparations for distance learning so our students can continue to make progress.

If DeMatha can be of any assistance to anyone, please let us know. We have community prayer twice a day at our Trinitarian residence, please know that the intentions of the whole DeMatha family are included.

The final words from my homily were from a favorite saint of mine in the Catholic Church. He is Saint Padre Pio, and his four words helped him through his entire life and has also helped me, and I offer it to all of us as a prayer we can say daily for each other.

They are: Pray......hope.....don't worry.

Blessings for all!

Fr. James