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The Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) seeks applicants for the position of Commissioner.  One of the premier high school athletic conferences in the country, the WCAC consists of 13 Catholic High Schools in Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs and sponsors interscholastic competition in 15 sports for boys and girls.


The Commissioner is appointed by the WCAC governing board of school heads (“the board”), is responsible to the WCAC President under the direction of the board, and serves for a one-year, renewable term. 


Leadership Responsibilities of the Commissioner include:

●      serving as chief administrative officer for the WCAC under the authority of the board through the WCAC President;

●      promoting the Catholic identity of the WCAC by defining, implementing, and enforcing rules and policies grounded in the common faith-based mission of member schools;

●      serving as the principal enforcement officer of WCAC rules, regulations and agreements, and responsible for initiating investigations of any member when there is sufficient evidence presented of potential violations, or if they have been officially notified by another institution, of alleged violations;

●      promoting the general welfare of the WCAC at all times, studying the problems of the conference and offering advice and guidance to the members in the solution of those problems;

●      interpreting and enforcing WCAC rules and regulations, as well as interpreting and ruling upon eligibility regulations, sending copies of the Commissioner’s interpretations and rulings to the WCAC President and athletics administrators. In addition, the Commissioner shall recommend changes deemed advisable in the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations;

●      acting as the liaison between the WCAC and representatives of the media.




Duties of the Commissioner include:

●      coordinating the drafting of revised bylaws consistent with the mission, vision and code of ethics of the WCAC;

●      handling all financial matters of the WCAC including the preparation of budgets and annual reports;

●      chairing regular meetings of athletic directors to coordinate WCAC activity;

●      working with athletic directors in the development of all sports schedules;

●      maintaining all WCAC rosters;

●      planning and supervising all playoff and championship activities;

●      maintaining all WCAC correspondence;

●      acting as the public spokesperson for the WCAC in coordination with the board through the WCAC President;

●      working with schools and national sports federations to ensure best practices in all WCAC activities;

●      working within WCAC-established parameters to enter into contracts on behalf of the conference;

●      implementing a proactive marketing strategy for the league to include oversight of maintenance of the WCAC website;

●      clarifying further the definition of duties regarding financial management;

●      improving the collection and analysis of self-reported school specific data related to compliance with WCAC rules;

●      conducting periodic site visits of member schools to grow in appreciation for the individual culture of each school;

●      evaluating opportunities for expansion of WCAC membership in a manner consistent with the league’s mission and vision;

●      managing, in consultation with the board, the brand of the WCAC to include matters related to corporate sponsorship;

●      producing an annual report, the parameters of which are defined by the board, with the goal of increasing the transparency and enhancing the professionalism of WCAC operations.


Minimum qualifications include:

●      excellent administrative, communication and human relations skills;

●      a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (master’s degree desirable);

●      experience in education or an education-related field as a coach, teacher, and/or athletic administrator.  


The position requires attendance at evening and weekend athletic activities, meetings and school events.


This position is currently part-time and not benefits-eligible.  It involves local travel and telecommuting; certain expenses will be reimbursable.


Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, resume, and statement of educational philosophy to: Roger J. Whyte, care of The Whyte Group, If you have questions, please email or call 301-657-3970 or 301-252-3432. All applications must be received by close of business SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 to be considered.

DeMatha is currently interviewing for a potential Spanish teaching position.

If interested, please contact Principal Dr. Daniel McMahon '78 at