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There are 38,000 High Schools in the country, but there is only One DeMatha!

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Welcome from the Admissions Director:

     Four years ago I moved across campus, from the Counseling Center where I served for 13 years, to the Admissions Office. I immediately  understood that my most challenging task would be to inform, or perhaps convince, prospective families that we, DeMatha Catholic High School, were much more than a "sports school."

     I get it: television, newspaper, social media, and the internet, cover DeMatha's successful athletic programs a lot. As Father James, our President states, DeMatha’s athletic prowess is both the crown we wear, and the cross we bear. It is the crown we wear, as athletics brings us positive name recognition, a sense of pride, and builds community. And, we understand many do initially come to know our school via a sports connection. At the same time, athletics is the cross we bear, as many of those same people know us ONLY for our athletic achievements, and nothing else.

     How was I going to inform families we were indeed more than a "sports school?" As I studied DeMatha Catholic High School's Mission Statement, particularly the first paragraph, I found my answer. 

"DeMatha Catholic High School is a college preparatory institution dedicated to educating young men in the Trinitarian tradition. DeMatha’s historic and ongoing mission is to serve students of differing abilities, interests, and backgrounds from the culturally rich and diverse greater Washington Metropolitan area."

     While other high schools may provide sound academic preparation for the future, DeMatha does this and so much more. When young men graduate from our school, as Faith-filled Gentlemen Scholars, they have spent four formative years in an inclusive, competitive environment allowing for future success not only on a college campus, but in life. As a 1997 graduate, I can attest to this.

     If the Admissions Office, in addition to the information found on our website, can be of assistance, please contact us. Best of luck in your high school selection process. Go Stags!

Tommy Paolucci '97, M.A.
Director of Admissions 

Faith-filled Gentlemen and Scholars 

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Tommy Paolucci '97, M.A.
Director of Admissions 

Christine Thomas, M.S.W.
Assistant Director of Admissions 

Mike Jones '91 

Rob Landini '01 

Pat Goulden '09 

Andrew Eck '11 

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