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Reception Study Guide 1



Faith Filled Gentlemen and Scholars,

I offer here a few suggestions on how to proceed with your Reception Study.  Several of you have sought additional help and I suspect this series of search methods may help you find success for this assignment.  Keep in mind that  I am always available for you if you have any questions.

In the February 3 class session I offered pathways to finding book and movie reviews and highlighted several ProQuest databases you may find helpful.  Perhaps a good way to streamline your research is to select several databases to search simultaneously.  I have pasted below an image from a sample search. 

The information detailing the search is not the search itself because an image showing the actual search would be too large for this page. Nonetheless, all of the relevant information is found below:



As you can see from the image above I chose five (5) databases from the selection to search.  I also chose to write in 'New York Review' as a keyword search, combined using the boolean selector 'AND' (not OR), and finally wrote the name of my book, "why we can't wait" (capitalization not necessary). 

This search yielded 155 results.  You may order the results by date by selecting the sorting option on the left-hand side.  Therefore, if you know the book was published in 1964 (for example) you will see results closest to that date if you enter specific year(s) in the "date range" of the search. I demonstrated this feature in class.

Remember:  it is VERY important when searching terms via databases (or Google) the use of boolean operators  and delimiters (asterisk, question marks, or quotation marks) will yield more specific results in your final list.



  1. Quotation marks - Yield results that include terms EXACTLY as they are written.

  2. Asterisk - Will yield results of a term for variant spellings (eg:  St*gs will yield any number of replacement letters for the asterisk.  It doesn't have to be a single letter)

  3. Question mark - Will do the same as asterisk except one single letter only for the question mark is assumed unknown. lists a number of book review sources on the open internet.  However, remember to be careful in how you glean your results.  You must use the original publication date of the book or film you seek and be sure the result(s) you choose are directly from that source.  The link for the review sources are found here:

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We also have a subscription to the Publishers Weekly Digital Archive.  Please contact me via school email for account access information.


Let me know if you have any further questions.