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Reception Study 2


Here is a process that may be useful to follow in developing the second portion of your reception study:


Find reviews of films published within a couple of years of the release of your chosen film using databases in ProQuest, movie review official sources, and official film industry web pages.


Questions you may seek to answer:

How well did movie critics receive the work at the time of its first release? Who reviewed the work?  Were the critics writing for well respected sources?  Did the movie win any Academy Awards? 


Film:  Mad Max 2: (1981) Original release in Australia 1981 and USA in 1982


  1. See the Rotten Tomatoes site for list of critics and sources to investigate.  You may notice general tenor of review content

    Observe the reputable movie review sources (not websites of individuals)


  1. Look at the Academy Awards sites for your film

    Oscars: (choose your film year)
    Golden Globe:


  1. Check the DM Library ProQuest databases using Research Library Prep and American Periodicals

  2. Search databases using film name, director name and major stars names