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Through the continued efforts of the Departments of Theological Studies, DeMatha Catholic High School introduces students to a dynamically Catholic tradition that is integrated with reason and lived through practice.

Through study and action students are encouraged to explore and develop their relationships with God and neighbor, to discover the ethical implications of those relationships, and to celebrate the experience of God’s love in Word, Deed and Sacrament.

The curriculum is in line with the United States Catholic Bishops Framework for Catholic High Schools as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Washington DC.

Course offerings promote a faith that seeks understanding by:

  • Providing a solid, intellectual foundation for an appreciation and living of the Catholic Christian Tradition.
  • Demonstrating an interdisciplinary and ecumenical sensitivity in addressing the human search for meaning.
  • Presenting the richness of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures and Tradition as interpreted through Roman Catholic teaching.
  • Enabling students to examine the religious dimension of life and to reflect critically on its ethical implications.   

Co-Chairs of the Theology Department

Mike Ptomey

Class of 1998
Titles: Theology Chair
Departments: Theological Studies