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DeMatha believes that every student can excel in mathematics, which is a central discipline for well rounded knowledge.  Each class builds on students' prior knowledge so that students gain mastery and confidence.

We have designed our courses to give students a solid foundation in critical thinking, to encourage students to understand the world using quantitative reasoning, to give students the ability to succeed in the rigors of advanced mathematics, and to prepare students for the real-world applications of these mathematical ideas.

Because we believe all students can succeed in mathematics, we provide multiple layers of support and encouragement for students who are still building their mathematics skill set.  And because we believe all students should be pushed to excel, we provide rigorous honors courses and enrichment for students who strive to learn more.

All students must complete four years of mathematics at DeMatha, including at least Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  Advanced students may continue into Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, or AP Statistics.  Incoming students are required to take a placement test to ensure they are taking the course that will challenge them without skipping any essential foundation.

Chair of the Math Department

Kelly Lama

Titles: Mathematics Co-Chair

Christopher Hurst

Titles: Mathematics Co-Chair