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Mr. Kelly Lama, Chair

The Mathematics Department strives primarily to provide the student with a solid foundation in mathematics, an appreciation for the discipline, and the preparation he needs both for his ongoing education and for his adult responsibilities.

Each student will be taught to express himself and to communicate in the world of mathematics. In the early classes much emphasis is placed on study skills, critical thinking, and the writing of mathematical expressions. Real life applications are a large part of all courses. In the upper level courses the use of a graphing calculator is required.

Realizing various individual needs, abilities, and goals which a student brings to the classroom, the department strives not only to present the best possible programs, but also to motivate, to teach, to encourage and to guide all students in the pursuit of mathematical proficiency. Thus, the department offers a program of study which contains courses sophisticated enough to challenge the brightest of students, and at the same time, developmental courses to help those who show some math deficiency.

All students must complete four credits in mathematics to satisfy graduation requirements. These four credits must include specific courses required by the department, usually Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The courses offered allow a student to work at his level of competence and likewise to advance to high levels of achievement as talent and ambition allow. The Mathematics Department, working in concert with the Counseling Center, assumes the responsibility for the placement of students in the various courses offered.