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It is the position of the English Department that every student must develop an understanding of himself and how he relates to the persistent questions with which Humanity has coped over the years so that he might discover how he can create a place for himself in the dynamic and increasingly complex modern world.

The department believes that a careful examination of literature can assist in the development of these insights.

The department also insists that a student must master a variety of language skills if he is to participate competently in our society. Among these are the ability to read well, to interpret logically, and to communicate effectively in both oral and written expression.

The department's instructional goals are divided into four broad categories: 1) basic knowledge and concepts; 2) intellectual abilities; 3) academic and social skills; and 4) feelings, attitudes and values.

Instructional Goals

The department will assist the student in the following:

  1. The acquisition of facts and concepts that will help him understand how men and women have dealt with many of the significant issues of both the past and present 
  2. The development of the thought processes necessary for making sound judgments and engaging in effective problem solving 
  3. The mastery of grammatical constructions; an effective vocabulary; the basic conventions of punctuation, capitalization and rhetoric essential to effective oral and written expression; and the ability to read with comprehension 
  4. The evolution of attitudes and values which are both consistent with Christian principles and essential to living with insight and empathy with other human beings.

All students are required to obtain four credits in English to meet graduation requirements. Credits obtained in English Composition, Journalism, and other electives do not substitute for regular English credits.

Co-Chairs of the English Department

John McConnell

Titles: English
Departments: English

Paul Clark

Class of 2001
Titles: English Chair
Departments: English