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Computer Science

The importance of computers in our world has increased dramatically. Once found primarily in the large data processing facilities of business and industry, computers are now in schools, at the office and in our homes.

The computer era is now in a growth stage, and the computer department is attempting to keep pace with that growth by having as its goal the offering of a course of studies designed to meet the varied interests and needs of every student.

In 2005 the school completed the installation of two updated student computer labs. These IBM-compatible labs allow students to learn to program as well as enhancing opportunities to learn popular software applications.

Currently, students are required to take at least a one semester computer course unless they satisfactorily pass a test showing competence in this subject area.

Students are also afforded the opportunity to fulfill the graduation requirements by successfully completing any of the courses that make regular use of the computer lab. This decision can only be made under the discretion of the Counseling Center.

The Computer Survey 1 course allows students to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of computer operation and its applications. Students who are thinking more seriously about pursuing a future in math, science or technology are strongly encouraged to take the various language programming courses (Java and Advanced Java).


Thomas Krawczewicz

Departments: Computer Sciences and Technology