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Pillars of DeMatha

Faith, Community, Service, Academics, Arts, Athletics.

Affixed to the main building and visible from the front circle is a banner that outlines the six core promises that we make at DeMatha. Each promise represents a pillar of DeMatha’s foundation.

The first three of these are things to which we are dedicated, values that should inform our pursuit of excellence in the second three.

DeMatha Catholic High School stands at the intersection of several great traditions: the 2000-year-old Catholic intellectual tradition of reason informing faith, the 800-year-old tradition of the Trinitarians and their commitment to faith and redemption, and its own history of excellence since 1946.

The great American figure Alexander Hamilton once observed, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.” One of the great strengths of DeMatha is that we know what we stand for and our students embrace this knowledge when they graduate.

A good Catholic school, a Trinitarian school such as we are, can only really judge the success of its mission by the caliber of the men we turn out who live their faith in a way that betters their communities and that finds its external expression in service to others. DeMatha builds its program on both the formation of faith, community and service, and the information of academics, arts and athletics that come together to create Faith-Filled Gentlemen and Scholars.