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Mission & Philosophy


DeMatha Catholic High School is a college preparatory institution dedicated to educating young men in the Trinitarian tradition.

Our historic and ongoing mission is to serve students of differing abilities, interests, and backgrounds from the culturally rich and diverse greater Washington Metropolitan area.

Faculty and staff work to help young men develop a way of life characterized by: Attention to Scholarship, Dedication to Moral Principles, Devotion to Hard Work, and the Awareness of the Need to Serve Others.

This is through a: Broad-Based and Rigorous Curriculum, Numerous Opportunities for Spiritual Growth, a Wide Range of Co-Curricular Opportunities, and a Comprehensive Service Program.

DeMatha cultivates a respect for other people that finds its most complete expression in students who become faith-filled gentlemen and scholars.

School Philosophy

DeMatha Catholic High School offers to young men in the Washington area a college preparatory program in which faith and knowledge complement each other


A faculty and staff composed of Trinitarian religious and dedicated lay men and women provide a program of instruction that serves young men of varied intellectual, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. The Trinitarian charism that informs DeMatha asks that students become “men of action, men of prayer.”

The DeMatha student develops spiritually and morally in a community where faith seeks understanding and is lived in service to neighbor. Religious instruction provides the student with an intellectual appreciation for the Judeo-Christian tradition as well as an ecumenical respect for diversity in religious expression and creed. Intellectual growth occurs within the moral framework and is achieved through a broad-based curriculum that incorporates appropriate pedagogical techniques and technological innovations.

A rich co-curricular program provides an opportunity for informal and formal instruction where students witness and understand the sound principles for human rights and the corresponding need for self-discipline. By experiencing healthy competition and sportsmanlike behavior involved in physical education and athletic events, students grow toward physical and social maturity.

DeMatha’s administration and faculty are engaged in a continuous program of self-study, but the goal of a DeMatha education remains the same, to produce Faith-Filled Gentlemen and Scholars.