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Governance Boards

Trinitarian Board of Members

As the ultimate authority and owners of the school with reserved powers, some of the duties of the Trinitarian Board of Members include fostering the mission and general philosophy under which the Corporation will function, consistent with its purpose as described in the bylaws and working in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

The Board of Members A are the Minister Provincial, as the Chairman, and the other Trinitarians who were elected to the Provincial Council by the Trinitarians every three years. Their complete duties are outlined in the Bylaws of DeMatha Cathoilc High School. Board Members A are the ultimate authority to appoint Board of Members B, to amend articles of incorporation or bylaws, to resolve any thought of merger or consolidation of dissolution of the Corporation, as well to implement other duties contained in the Bylaws of the school. 

The Board of Members B are no fewer than 3 (three) Trinitarians and no more than five. The term of membership is three years. The duties are outlined in the Bylaws of DeMatha Catholic High School and include the work to foster the mission and general philosophy of the school, to appoint a Trinitarian as president, if the position is vacant and a Trinitarian candidate is available; to approve the recommendation of the Board of Directors to appoint or terminate a non-Trinitarian President, to approve the annual operating and capital budget of the school, and to approve any significant changes in the character of the school. 

Very Rev. William J. Sullivan, O.SS.T., Chairman 
Board of Members A        


Very Rev. Santhosh George, O.SS.T. 
Pastor, St. Mark Catholic Church (Catonsville, MD) 
Board Members A

Very Rev. Victor Scocco, O.SS.T. 
Board of Members A & B 
Pastor, St. Lawrence Martyr (Hanover, MD)

Very Rev. Stanley DeBoe, O.SS.T. 
Board of Members A 
Pastor, Incarnation - St. James (Trenton, NJ)

Very Rev. Thomas Dymowski, O.SS.T.  
Board Member B 
Archbishop's Delegate for Religious Archdiocese of Baltimore

Rev. Kurt Klismet, O.SS.T. 
Board of Members B 
Trinitarian Treasurer

Board Of Directors

The business affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors of not less than twelve (12) or more than twenty-four (24) directors who shall be persons over the age of majority. The Directors will develop, implement and monitor short and long-term plans in keeping with the school's mission in collaboration with the President and, if necessary, with the Trinitarian Board of Members.

(Absent from the group picture below: Rev. Albert Anuszewski, O.SS.T., Mr. Rich Harrington '84, Mr. Arie Kounadjio '10, Mr. Frank Persico, Mr. Brian Sheahan '80, Dr. Lisa Slade, Ms. Penelope Thornton Talley, Deacon Curtis Turner '86, and Mr. Brendan Wootten '88.)

Pictured below with biographical information are the present members of our Board of Directors. 

Fr. James R. Day, O.SS.T., M.Ed, M.Div. (Ex Officio Member)
DeMatha Catholic High School  

Fr. Albert Anuszewski, O.SS.T., M.A., M.Div. (Ex Officio Member)
Director of Trinitarian Mission

Mr. Jeffrey Hathaway (Chairperson) 
CarrSports Consulting
Co-Owner and Managing Partner
DeMatha Class of 1977 

Ms. Grovetta Gardineer  (Secretary)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy

Mr. Richard Harrington, CPA (Treasurer)  
The Bowers Group Inc. 
Chief Financial Officer 
DeMatha Class of 1984

Mr. David DiLuigi (Immediate Past Chair) 
M&T Bank: Wilmington Trust 
Regional President 
DeMatha Class of 1988 

Ms. Karen Cook  
Anne Arundel Community College 
Dean, School of Business and Law 
Parent of 2006 and 2009 Alumni 

Ms. Beverly Grant 
Department of Homeland Security/FEMA 
Human Resources Specialist  
Parent of 2007, 2010 and 2012 alumni

Mr. Tom Hoff 
One Call Concepts, Inc.  
CEO & Founder  

Mr. Michael Johnson  
CWA Architect Inc. 
DeMatha Class of 1980

Mr. Thomas Kane 
President and Managing Member 
DeMatha Class of 1986

Mr. Charles Kenny, Jr., Esq. 
Attorney and Adjunct Business Law Professor 
DeMatha Class of 1968

Mr. Jonathan Mason 
Jentry Search Academy 
DeMatha Class of 2008

Mr. Kenneth Mellett 
BoxBoat Technologies LLC 
Executive Vice President 
Parent of 1992 Alumnus 

Mr. Timothy O'Brien  
Joesph Greenwald & Laake, PA 
Estate Attorney 
DeMatha Class of 1977 

Mr. Frank Persico, M.A.
FGP Consulting LLC 
Parent of 2002 Alumnus  

Mr. Brian Sheahan   
Gebhardt & Smith, LLC  
Lawyer & Partner  
DeMatha Class of 1980

Mr. Daniel Sheehan 
One Call Concepts Locating Services 
DeMatha Class of 1989

Dr. Lisa Slade 
Practice Limited To Endodontics 
Parent of Alumnus  

Ms. Penelope Thornton Talley 
Office of the Attorney General, District of Columbia  
Chief Operating Officer

Deacon Curtis Turner, Ed.D 
Saint Frances Academy 
Principal/Head of School 
DeMatha Class of 1986 

Mr. Brendan Wootten  
Goldman Sachs & Co. 
Managing Director
DeMatha Class of 1988

Mr. Arie Kouandjio 
The Wharton School 
MBA Candidate
DeMatha Class of 2010

(photo not available)