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There are 38,000 High Schools in the country, but there is only One DeMatha!

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Governance Boards

Board Of Directors

The business affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors of not less than twelve (12) or more than twenty-four (24) directors who shall be persons over the age of majority. The Directors will develop, implement and monitor short and long-term plans in keeping with the school's mission in collaboration with the President and, if necessary, with the Trinitarian Board of Members.


  • Fr. James R. Day, O.SS.T., President, Ex Officio Member
  • Mr. Timothy O'Brien '77, Chairperson/Vice President
  • Mr. David DiLuigi '88, Secretary
  • Mr. Richard Harrington '84, Treasurer
  • Mr. David Aldridge '83
  • Ms. Karen Cook
  • Fr. Shawn Foggo '95
  • Mr. Timothy Hill '95
  • Mr. Tom Hoff
  • Mr. Michael Johnson '80
  • Mr. Charles Kenny '68
  • Mr. Frank Persico
  • Mr. Brian Sheahan '80
  • Dr. Lisa Slade
  • Ms. Penelope Thornton Talley
  • Deacon Curtis Turner '86
  • Ms. Grovetta Gardineer 
  • Mr. Brendan Wootten

Trinitarian Board of Members

As the ultimate authority and owners of the school with reserved powers, some of the duties of the Trinitarian Board of Members include fostering the mission and general philosophy under which the Corporation will function, consistent with its purpose as described in the bylaws and working in collaboration with the Board of Directors.


  • Fr. William J. Axe, O.SS.T., Chairman
  • Fr. Juan Molina, O.SS.T.
  • Fr. Frank Whatley, O.SS.T.
  • Fr. Tom Dymowski, O.SS.T.
  • Fr. Victor Scocco, O.SS.T.
  • Fr. Kurt Klismet, O.SS.T.