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Alma Mater


Lyrics by Thomas Ponton ’78
Music by James L. Turk

St. John DeMatha, pray for us.

Founded with courage after the war,
Standing tall and striving for more,
From humble beginnings to its prominent rise,
Committed to helping young men realize:

Refrain: (That/And) DeMatha stands tall in all that is true,
Steeped in tradition of a cross red and blue.
Built on a promise that challenges “never,”
DeMatha today, DeMatha forever!

Named for St. John of medieval France,
Who unshackled slaves, giving freedom a chance;
His spirit lives on in those who believe
That, loos’ning the chains, we all can achieve!

To the students and staff, to the parents and friends,
To the priests and the brothers, whose work never ends,
To alumni, recalling the days of their youth,
Firmly committed to eternal truth.


St. John DeMatha, pray for us.