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McMahon Library / Media Center

The McMahon Library / Media Center is designed to support the intellectual, spiritual, educational and social philosophy of the school and to serve all students and faculty.

This program is accomplished by providing an organized collection of appropriate materials and equipment of various types and formats. The Media Center Specialist, in cooperation with faculty, instructs students in the use of the Media Center and methods of research.

Students are allowed to use any of the materials housed in the Media Center including computers and TV/VCR's on a first come, first served basis. At the present time our book collection totals over 13,000 volumes. Students may sign out books for a period of two weeks. Reference books may be borrowed overnight. We subscribe to four newspapers and receive 50 magazines. Newspapers and magazines are displayed for students and faculty to use in the Media Center. Back issues of the magazines are stored in labeled boxes and are available for students to borrow for use outside of the Media Center.

The videocassette collection of over 1100 tapes and the DVD collection of over 300 disks are available to students for viewing in the Center. All of the videocassettes and DVDs are selected by the faculty and are purchased to support the curriculum. The audiovisual software collections consists of filmstrips, cassettes, media kits, videocassettes, DVDs and CDs totaling over 1600 items. Students may also use these in the library or the classroom with their research projects.

Equipment such as overhead projectors, equipment carts, wall screens, TV/VCR units, DVD, cassette, and CD players are supplied to classrooms for continual use. Other items, such as filmstrip, record and CD players may be borrowed from the Media Center on a daily basis. There are over 300 pieces of equipment excluding computer items available for use in the school. The Media Center has 13 Dell computers, Internet connected, available for student use.

Materials in the Media Center are obtained through several sources. The Media Center has a per student allocation through its budget. In addition, the Language Arts Department organized an Adopt-A-Book Program and uses the donations from alumni to purchase books, magazine subscriptions, and videocassettes for the Media Center. Last but not least is the Giant grocery store program, which the Media Center has managed since 1989. Please see 'Ways to Give' in Supporting DeMatha for complete information. We pride ourselves on our collection quality rather than quantity.

DeMatha has five excellent computer research tools that are available to students while in school and accessible from home. Please see the staff of the Media Center for further information.

ProQuest Platium

This periodical collection offers more than 2,000 titles, from 1971 to the present, for general reference to advanced subject matter. The database features comprehensive coverage from more than 1,300 front-to-back, full-text magazines and journals. Premium full-text coverage of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal is included, plus an additional collection of nearly 70 international, national and regional newspapers.

Proquest Historical Newspaper

This resource makes the entire backfile of The New York Times available in full-page images. Coverage starts at its inception as The New York Daily Times from 1851-1957 and continues through the present as The New York Times. Users can view any article alone or see the article in the context of the entire page.

SIRS Researcher

SIRS Researcher is a general reference database with thousands of full text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political and global issues.

Biology Journals

Proquest Biology Journals provide access to a database that includes 320 titles with more than 280 available in full text. Topics include biological chemistry, biophysics, botany, cytology and histology, environmental studies, microbiology, microscopy and zoology.

World Book Online Reference Center

World Book includes all articles from the 22 volume print set plus over 11,000 pictures and maps, more than 100 videos, and 60,000 reference links. Entire articles or a section of an article can be printed.

Media Services

To provide a Media Center conducive to curriculum-oriented research supported by a well-informed staff, eager to assist students and faculty in their educational needs is our major goal. As part of our goals we strive to provide selected materials that will develop good, lifelong reading habits with an appreciation of good literature. Through orientation classes and individual instruction, location and use of Media Center materials and equipment, we hope to teach the value of good research and good study habits.

The Media Center is open before, during and after school. Students may come to the center whenever they are free or with the permission of their teacher. The center can also be reserved for a teacher to bring an entire class to do a research project.